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The Truth about interstate movers 2019

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The Do’s and Don’ts to Hiring a Moving Company

When starting life in a new office or home, at the time the move will be too large to be handled on your own. You will require the services of a moving company in your relocation.

You can search for them online or get recommendations from friends and family. When making a choice on which moving company to hire, it is important to understand the things to do and those to avoid. You will be entrusting the company with your valued possessions in the whole process. Following the list below of things to do and those not to be done will help you obtain the best moving company to help you with relocation.

Here are the Do’s:

• Enquire about other extra fees charged. You should seek to know whether the price charged by a moving company is inclusive or exclusive of other extra costs that might arise out of the move. Extra costs including parking fees, porter costs, and cost of packing items that are not packed properly among others.

• Enquire about the handling of fragile items. Many moving companies require to pack the delicate items themselves to insure against damage.

• In the event, you will not be available to oversee the move, ensure to have a responsible family member or a friend to oversee the relocation from your old location to the new one.

• Ensure to bring representatives of the moving company to the old and new location of relocation. The visit enables them to plan the move and also provide you with price estimates.

• Ensure to give precise directions and contact information to both your old and new location. Have them printed and give them to all the persons involved in the move to help them find their way should they get lost.

Here are the Don’ts

• Avoid relying on price alone when choosing a moving company. The moving company charging the least price is not always the best. You should evaluate price charged for the quality of service being offered. Moving companies charging too little compared to the market rate are an indication of poor quality of service.

• Don’t hire an uninsured moving company. The company should provide cover to the value of the property being moved, vehicle insurance, and compensation to workers and general liability. You should request to see their insurance certificate.

• Avoid paying huge amounts as deposits before the work is done. Moving companies with a reputation for good service charge customer once the move has been accomplished. Paying before the service has been rendered is a disadvantage to you since you lose control over your possession. Pay using credit card to track payment and avoid fraudulent activity.

• Do not sign a blank or not filled out contract. Have every contract detail put in writing including fees, pick-up and delivery points and dates as well. Ensure to have all your belongings listed on the contract. Action against missing items depends on their presence on the list of inventories.

6 Mistakes People Make When Hiring a Moving Compan

Moving is a procedure in itself with so many things to think about that sometimes we forget certain details that become problems during the process. There are a lot of common problems that people make before they contact a moving company and these problems often times result in more and more problems. To avoid these issues, below is a list of the top 6 mistakes people make when hiring a moving company.

  1. Last Minute Packing!

If it’s been a long time since you’ve moved, chances are you’ve forgotten about how time-consuming moving can be. Procrastinating at the last moment to pack before the movers show up can result in a number of things going wrong like forgetting to put something in the box, putting it in the wrong box, or having it misplaced. Get your packing done at least 24 hrs before the moving company shows up!

  1. Not Properly Labeling and Organizing Your Boxes!

When the time comes to unpack your boxes at your new home, putting all of the boxes that don’t have labels or mix-matched boxes into one room for sorting out later can be an absolute nightmare! Organizing your boxes with labels by room will be such a big help for you and the movers as they unload the truck.

  1. Not Weeding Out Junk!

Like most people on this earth, some of us have a tendency to hang onto stuff that we never use and hang onto forever! This is a prime opportunity to thin down stuff that you don’t need. There’s no need to be paying extra moving expenses for 20 boxes of junk or waste your time sorting through it and packing it. Get rid of it!

  1. Having No Clue Where Your Daily Essentials Are Located?

After a long day of traveling, the last thing you feel like doing is looking for your personal hygiene products and combing through endless boxes making a mess looking for your bathroom stuff. Don’t pack these essentials into moving boxes for the truck. Make an overnight bag and keep them close.

  1. Getting Help Too Late!

If you don’t schedule a moving company ahead of time there’s a good chance you may not be moving that day! Most professional companies do not operate on such short notices. There might be a chance that you get lucky and they have a team with no trip already booked. Always call your moving company in advance and get a moving day locked-in.

  1. Hiring The Wrong Moving Company!

This is the biggest mistake that people make in hiring a moving company! Before you do anything, the very first thing to check is their standing in the community. Are they an established business in the community they serve, do they have a customer service department that answers your calls, do they have an established website with contact information and customer reviews, and are they honest and don’t have a track record for being late or a history of personal items reported missing? Do your homework!

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